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Just as your body changes as you age, your health care needs continue to evolve through your retirement years and beyond. Internal medicine expert Rabia Khan, MD, and the team at Starling Clinic in Texarkana and Plano, Texas, offer a full scope of senior care services, ranging from annual wellness exams and routine health screenings to chronic disease management and prevention. Call your nearest Starling Clinic office today or click online to schedule a visit.

Senior Care Q & A

What’s senior care medicine?

Much like primary care medicine, senior care includes routine preventive care exams and health screenings, as-needed care for acute medical problems, and specialized care for the ongoing management of chronic disease.   

For older men and women, regular wellness exams and physicals, along with continuing health education and targeted lifestyle modification, form the foundation of quality senior care medicine. 

Do older women need annual wellness exams?

Although many women believe they no longer need an annual wellness exam once they reach menopause, nothing could be further from the truth. If anything, your annual wellness checkup becomes more important than ever as you age. Your well-woman visit covers:

General health status

Depending on your medical history and current health status, you may have routine checks for hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis, and other problems that tend to become more common with age. 

Standard cancer screenings

Routine breast and cervical cancer screenings are just as important after menopause as they are during early adulthood and middle age, especially if you’ve ever had abnormal Pap results or a history of any type of cancer. You may also be advised to have a colon cancer screening.

Recommended vaccinations

Whether you’d like to update your Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis) vaccination or you simply want to get your annual flu shot, you can get current with your immunizations at your annual exam. 

What kind of health problems do older men face? 

Older men can also take steps to reduce their age-related health risks by scheduling an annual physical. While your current health and future disease risks are largely shaped by your lifestyle and your medical history, certain health problems tend to be more common among aging men, including:  

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Chronic respiratory diseases
  • Colon and prostate cancers 
  • Heart attack and stroke

Considering that most of these health problems are either completely preventable or highly treatable in their early stages, it’s more important than ever to continue having regular physicals and health screenings — and keep making healthy lifestyle choices — as you age.  

What’s chronic disease management? 

While being proactive with your health can go a long way in reducing your risk of developing a chronic disease, the fact remains that heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, and lung disease are increasingly common with age. 

Approximately four in five older adults in the United States have at least one chronic illness, while nearly three in five older adults have multiple chronic conditions. 

If you’re living with one or more long-term conditions, chronic disease management provides the personalized support you need to simplify your daily care routine, control your symptoms, and experience life to the fullest. 

On top of providing a holistic and flexible care plan that considers every aspect of your health and well-being, chronic disease management also gives you the information and support you need to make healthy lifestyle choices. Cultivating healthier habits can help you:

  • Slow disease progression 
  • Delay health deterioration
  • Keep pain under control
  • Improve physical function

To learn more about the senior care services at Starling Clinic, call your nearest office or click online to schedule an appointment today.